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Datamart Version History

DateDatamart FileChange Description
August 2017 Updated 2016 Data
March 2016 Added 2016 Data
March 2016 Added 2015 Data
March 2015 Added 2014 Removals and Mortality.
March 2015 Added 2014 Removals and Mortality.
March 2015 Update to Size Class and Density variables.
March 2015 Updated filters to allow multiple selections.
March 2015 WisCFI_Master_March_2015 Added 2014 Data
November 2014 Fix for Stand Age 20 Variable Filters COND-Stand Age (20 yr)<21 0-20 selection
Populated STDAGE for Inventory Year 2007.
Reset Select Estimate Attributes to original listing instead of the end when Reset button is clicked.
September 2014 WisCFI_Master_September_2014 Fixed Veg Cover Attribute Query: REF_ATTRIUBUTE_ACCESS variable 304
August 2014 Updated PRC table and Evaluation Descriptions
March 2014 WisCFI_FIADB_March_2014_2 Updated GRM and Plotsnap tables with 2013 Data
March 2014 WisCFI_FIADB_March_2014 Added 2013 Data
December 2013 WisCFI_FIADB_December_2013 Fixed various 2012 Hapitat Type codes
October 2013 WisCFI_FIADB_October_2013_3 Fixed the ECOSUBCD and HABTYPCD selection filters in the PRC_ASSGN table
October 2013 WisCFI_FIADB_October_2013_2 Updated Hapitat Type codes for remeasured plots
October 2013 WisCFI_FIADB_October_2013 Replaced the COND table to fix invalid Reserve Codes
September 2013 WisCFI_FIADB_September_2013 Updated Plot Locations
August 2013 WisCFI_FIADB_August_2013_2 Fix to NIMAC Forest Type Variable Filter and ECOSUBCD Variable Filter
August 2013 WisCFI_FIADB_August_2013 Added reports and updated Deer Browse report attributes
June 2013 WisCFI_FIADB_June_2013 Populated COND_DWM_CALC table and changed null Reserve Codes to 0
May 2013 WisCFI_FIADB_May_2013 Added 2012 Data and populated PLOTSNAP table
Feb 2013 NIMAC_EVALIDator_FIADB_5.1 5.1 Database Format

Last Modified: May 23, 2013

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